We Made Paper Powerful

Finally, an e-commerce mailer that’s 100% curbside recyclable.

“Reduce your carbon footprint while remaining cost competitive.” That was always the pipe dream in our business: No recyclable mailer could scale with the big players. We figured it out. How? By unlocking the power of paper. The padded EverTec™ mailer is lightweight, durable, flexible—and cost-competitive. Think of its 100% curbside recyclability as just another added benefit.

What’s more, the EverTec™ mailer goes where boxes can’t, increasing safe and successful deliveries. Shipped items stay ultra-secure with a self-seal adhesive closure, yet are easily accessible with a pull-tab tear strip. Afterwards, consumers need only slam dunk these mailers into recycling bins to restart the cycle of green enterprise, mailing and re-mailing around the world. Paper power makes it work.


Our mailers are made in the USA and come in five different sizes to accommodate a range of shipping needs.

Contact us to learn how your packaging choice can help save the earth.

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