Below is a list of frequently asked questions

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What is the Eco Mailer™ made from?

The Eco Mailer™ is made from paper, leveraging cutting edge patented technology. The process results in an extremely effective and highly efficient mailer as a great eco-friendly alternative to the plastic bubble wrap mailers currently in the market.

What can be shipped in the Eco Mailer™?

The possibilities are endless. This can range from almost anything you would typically order through e-commerce that is not perishable. A few items that can be shipped in this mailer but are not limited to include clothing, books, paper supplies, cell phone cases, cosmetics, etc.

What size mailer do I need?

The Eco Mailer™ is currently being offered in 5 different sizes: https://pregis-evertec.com/padded-mailers/ 

Where is the Eco Mailer™ made?

The Eco Mailer™ is currently being produced here in the United States.

How do you recycle the Eco Mailer™?

The Eco Mailer™ is 100% curbside recyclable, which means once you’ve removed the contents from your package, there is no need to separate anything, you can place the emptied packaging in your recycle bin, worry-free.

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